Berlin Responsible Investments Forum 2016

Forum outcomes “Green Financing & Responsible ESG Investments is not just a trend but a sustainable business opportunity for mainstream investors & corporations building together a more sustainable economic model”

Global Sustain GmbH led its Berlin Responsible Investments Forum 2016 in cooperation with Forum for Responsible Investments (FNG), Investment Bank Berlin & International Bankers Forum. The event attracted the attention of a selected senior audience from the sector along with the international experts. The Forum got a role of advanced dialogue stage amongst senior managers, bankers, investors, media, entrepreneurs, associations representatives and is expected to have an annual recurrence.

The Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 has sent a clear message to the global economic community about climate change and the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

    • What is the role of Green Finance & Responsible Investing in this new economic era, how should investors & finance industry adapt and where does Germany stand in comparison with other countries?
    • Which are the new opportunities for investors, banks, corporations & entrepreneurs? Which are the risks of non adaptation for investors, finance industry & companies?

All above together with the concept of Responsible Investing, trends, profitability opportunities and the role of private and institutional investors in driving finance innovation and transition to a low carbon economy will be among forum topics.