Our vision: lead sustainable change for a better future”

People – Planet – Profit: “Create awareness, inspire and support companies & organisations in sustainability via advisory/communications/networking/training”. A sustainable world where organisations embrace responsibility and respect for human and natural capital in their quest for growth

We have been with you since 2016, conducting quality Environmental, Social and Governance meetings and talking on Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investments tendencies and best approaches, in order not only to augment individual expertise which will help better your corporate strategy and development, but also to evoke the positive and constructive changes towards greener and safer world, carbon zero Europe and sustainable economy. 

Thanks to the experienced and highly valued professionals, like Michael Spanos and Yannis Salavopoulos, who had been at sustainability and ESG field for more then 10 years and taking advantage of their profound global expertise which includes Germany, Greece, USA, UK, Spain, Italy,  Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates – we managed to set up this know-how and networking platform where you can enrich your sustainability and financial cognizance and answer the challenges & queries you have had before.

Furthermore, at Global Sustain it is believed, all of you can lead a positive change for a better planet and society. We are here to provide you with the right tools and guidelines for this.