Frankfurt – the financial centre of the continent, the European city, the transport hub, the smallest metropolis in the world. Those who think of the city on the Main, think of the airport, the Paulskirche and Goethe, think of the Stock Exchange, the Book Fair and the skyline. There is no doubt about it; Frankfurt brings opposites together in a charming way. A city with a savoir-vivre, in whose streets multilingualism is an accepted way of life. At the same time, the flair of the global city and homely cosiness are often just a few steps apart. The self-contained and intact life of many districts of the city, such as Bornheim, Sachsenhausen, Bockenheim and Höchst, as well as the village atmosphere, for example, of Seckbach or Bergen-Enkheim show the other endearing and charming side of the city that often remains hidden from visitors.

Part of the unmistakeable character of the city on the river are the renowned museums on the banks of the Main, the fascinating high-rise architecture, the thinkers of the Frankfurt School just as much as the Grüne Soße (a herb sauce, a speciality of Frankfurt), Ebbelwei (Apfelwein or cider) and Frankfurter sausages. Numerous exhibition halls, theatres and historic sites are all nearby and the next café or restaurant is also not far way. In short: Frankfurt has a lot to offer!